The nightrose Story

Lockdown, Cleveland, Ohio 2020. Sharon (left), on a zoom call with her family in South Africa and her aunt, Jeanette, is showing her new range of Yakira pajamas. Sharon’s recently relocated daughter, Alayna (middle), pops into the zoom frame, wearing one of her own pairs of Yakira pj's,  a wardrobe staple during lockdown. This moment sparked the idea that blossomed into nightrose. To bring these vibrant, 100% cotton pajamas to the US. Joined by their friend, Justine (right), who craved an outlet for her wanderlust and creativity, the three set off to bring nightrose to life.

As our nightrose family begins to bloom we will be expanding our existing lines of bold printed sleep and loungewear . We hope to infuse more joy and color into your homes and wardrobes, as we start to showcase awesome designers and artisans from all corners of the globe.


Jeanette Curitz